Outside Insights

by The Uncut Diamondz

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released February 2, 2014

All tracks written by C. Puente and J. Puente except for tracks 2, 7, and 8 co-written by th0t, Mike C, and John Levi, respectively.
All tracks produced, mixed and mastered by C. Puente except tracks 2 and 8, produced, mixed and mastered by Alfonso "th0t" Pedroza.
Recorded in a place unbeknownst to the majority of mankind.



all rights reserved


The Uncut Diamondz Corpus Christi, Texas

Once upon a time, two God-fearin', hip-hop-lovin' Texan brothers came together to make a rap song. Today, they still roam the planet as The Uncut Diamondz.

Two albums later, they still strive to perfect their craft and pray that the Creator will use His two cracked mirrors to reflect His image.
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Track Name: Fire Tongues feat. Th0t
Verse 1:

Yo there is hope to spare so please don't despair
And breathe Christ in like the open air

Over the dopest snares we claim The Lord is here
To dispel all evil that is so unfair

So Holy Spirit set our hearts aflame
That always our music and the arts proclaim

That The Lord is king let us praise his name
Either rap or sing you know we do our thing

And it's true He brings hope truth and peace
This fire can bring the hardest hearts to their knees

Holy Spirit soak into my soul like a dried up sponge
And breathe wisdom into me like fire tongues

And inspired we run the race to the end
Before time is up with the grace you send

We gonna take it and spread grains in wind
Planting seeds over the world 'cuz the flame is set


We gonn' set the world on fire with the spirit

We don't ever tire 'cuz the Lord he makes us fearless

So wave your hands up in the air if you feel it

If you feel it, if you feel it.

Verse 2:

Yo, I thought I heard a voice...
So I heeded it.

There's a fire in the noise
and so we're feeding it.

We don't really have a choice
because we're needing it.

Here's the flame girls and boys
let's be keeping it.

Y'all move out the way,
we coming through just like a mastadon

Especially with what I know
about the things my Master done

Today's a new day
And the past is gone

Step it up, get with the show
Go ahead and blast this song

Spreading tongues of fire
From Texas to California

These lungs don't tire so
Don't say we didn't warn ya

The Spirit got us hardwired
Ora et Labora

Like an adrenaline rush
It's coming straight up towards ya

Wait up for the flame to forge us
To proclaim to the nations his name so important

Raise our torches just to praise his lordship
Now the flames set ablaze it's our aim to torch it!


Verse 3: (Th0t)

I th0t I told you that we won't stop
Our eyes are set on Heaven
Cuz we're on our way to the top
And yo we're comin in hot
Because we got that holy fire
Bustin an Elijah
Yes, we're comin in style
Spreadin His Word
Until others catch the living flame
Ligthin up lives
It's too dark for them to see the way
It's a cold world
Gotta heat it up
The Word is like some hot pockets
Gotta eat it up
Don't get it twisted, dawg
Yeah, we're not pretending
Please forgive me
If I sound condescending
But I'm doin it out of love
Just tryna spread the zeal
You the soil
I got the seeds
Tryna set the deal
No transfusion
It's a transformation
Redirecting you
Back to your original destination
Darkness to light
No grey in between
Tryin to make the unseen
Become the seen

Track Name: Get It Right
Verse 1:

Y'all know how it's supposed to be
Raise those hands up for yo friends and foes to see
To all these folks who approaching me
I thought I told y'all aint y'all knowing me?
If you're like me then I'm sure you'll agree
These rhymes are just pining for a eulogy
Ha we only got one shot to do this beautifully
So hot shots in the spot just stay cool with me
It's easy to do like swimming in the pools and seas
This buildings just brimming with opportunities
Don't waste your chance doing it foolishly
When you see how much fun and how cool it be
If you can dance which I do believe
Then you can get this done properly
Easy as ordering a burger gimme two no cheese
Let's get this done right I got some food to eat


Get it right (I think you might wanna)

Get it right (lemme see you put your hands up and)

Get it right

Verse 2:

I'm dropping this beat box
Got us banging in your boom box

We rocking it till it's red hot
Got ya shaking till your sweat drops

Whether you like it or not.
We gon' take over your block

We ain't never gonna stop
We wanna see you at the top

Yeah we dropping fresh words
We don't even gotta curse

When we dropping them verse
Turn what we say into verbs

We doing it right so you can bump it on street curbs
So pay attention, and learn something you ain't heard

Y'all are doing something wrong,
All I know is we doing it right

Some y'all songs sound the same, y'all probably plagiarize
Just saying be original, no beef a-ight

It's mainstream culture that's got us all uptight
They try ta tell us how to roll how to live our lives.

We spitting straight up fire with all our power tonight

Jump on board as we climb the hits list
Fresher then your breath mints

In case I failed to mention
Get it right with every sentence


Track Name: Brokenhearted
Verse 1:

There's a young girl in the corner, shying away, not feeling wanted.
What the culture calling beauty, leaves her soul feeling taunted.

And She looking in the mirror, all made up, so she can flaunt it.
But deep down her emotions are still running through the gauntlet.

With a culture full of lies, and how to dress to please the guys
But she knows she's gotta try, so her mind keeps asking why

She starts going through the motions, should she give up without a fight
Peer pressure start to take her, break defenses like dynamite

Now she's dressing for attention, she only wants to be seen
She still searches for her Prince, that she remembers from her dreams

She starts questioning her existence, her life's tearing at the seams
But girl you look inside you be who you're meant to be

Now she looks up to the sky she's wondering why
All her life she's cried she can't even smile
She doesn't even know where to go from here she looks up to the clouds wipes away the tears

Chorus 1:

She only wanted to feel like she was wanted but now

She's still haunted by her past she can't stop it she's

Turning back to the things she's ashamed of

Thinks she's alone, thinks she can't escape them

Verse 2:

A 12 year old kid thought he could do nothing right
when he goes home he cant sleep at night his mom and dad fight

His heart feels as grey as the pavement he walks in
Sometimes he thinks i'm just a failure so why live?

He couldn't make any friends and the friends he had all laughed at him
Couldnt talk to his pops cuz his pops just talked trash at him

He had his little spot where he can crawl in and cry
And imagines a better life where the well don't run dry

His young eyes have seen deep hurt and pain
Because his older brother got shot when he was only 8

He lives this life where there's only hate
Feels all alone trapped lonely and afraid

Now he looks up to the sky he's wondering why
All his life he's cried he can't even smile
He doesn't even know where to go from here he looks up to the clouds and wipes away the tears

Chorus 2:

He only wanted to feel like he was wanted but now

He's still haunted by his past he can't stop it he's

Turning back to the things he's ashamed of

Thinks he's alone, thinks he can't escape them


You are wanted, you are loved, there's a God who loves you,

You can trust

You are wanted, you are loved, don't ever lose faith and give up

You are wanted you are loved, there's a God who loves you,

You can trust

You are wanted, you are loved, don't ever be afraid to look up.

You are beautiful...
Track Name: My Unbelief
Verse 1:

Lord here I am I'm writing this to tell you
Sometimes I feel like I'm just moving through life don't know why I'm compelled to

Like a gleaming stream of water that flows through
A river but it makes really no difference with it goes to

Got no clue where to go from here just penning these flows
In hope that it brings some souls and glory to you Lord

But lord all I'm asking is please show me your way
cuz otherwise I'm just living with no feeling every day

Like a scarecrow without a brain tin man with no heart
Days start feeling the same without your name I'm in the cold dark

I guess I could use a spark lord I need some signal grace
Otherwise I'm throwing darts with no target no real aim

And deep inside I know you got bigger plans for me
I just wanna do your will lord help me be your hands and feet

So please give me patience give me hope help me trust
In you deliver me from all distress your grace is enough


Lord, I believe help me in my unbelief

Help me to understand, open my eyes so I can see

I wanna follow in Your footsteps, walk in the path that

You have set for me in Your plans help me to grasp that

Lord, I believe help me in my unbelief

Help me to understand, open my eyes so I can see

Let your Word be a lamp to my feet a Light to my path

Guide me, Lord from my first breath to my last

Verse 2:

Abba, Father,
I'm here down on my knees

I'm afraid of drifting farther
Here's my life, take it please

Sometimes there's a struggle
On this path you're leading me

And in the conflict and the rumble Pierced my heart and now it bleeds

Is this what I'm called to do am I doing what you expect of me

Help me to always follow you in this short life expectancy

I learn from past mistakes,
'cause now they're nothing but memories

I'm who I am today, 'cause this is my true identity

Break down the fogged glass, give me perfect clarity

Sometime my life living an extreme polarity

Like a role playing game, still wondering who I'm supposed to be

Found out kinda late it was myself that was opposing me

Whatever my path, let my actions have sincerity

a wonderful life with loving friends that's prosperity

Your love's a raging fire and it's burning me

Help me to live this life to be with you in eternity


Verse 3

And the only thing you want from me is to know love and serve you
And it's powerful lord cuz I'm such a sinner I don't deserve you

Like I wanna try but I fall down everytime
Like I wanna live but I can't live without your life

At times I feel so close to you like I couldn't be any nearer
But then I go betray you for 30 pieces of silver

Help me to see more clearer I wanna be your mirror
I wanna be your reflection love thee more dearer

So Dear Lord Jesus, guide me always in life's path
Without you there's no purpose and I die fast

I wanna fly past all these worldy desires but they hold me down
So clear all the noises until your voice is the only sound.

Lord you hold me now I know that deep in my heart
no matter how hard it gets you're always the peace in the dark

Once again Lord you'll see me through this darkness
I wanna let you in, breathe life in this carcass

Track Name: You Got Me feat. MikeC of Seedz Of Faith

I'm still trying, help me follow this road
Let me know, that I ain't walking alone
Though they may mock me
And they may try to stop me
Wrap your arms around me let me know that You got me.

Verse 1:

If I take another step it'll be the farthest from home
That I've ever been carrying the hardest of loads
The sky looks black spilled my heart on this road
And on this track let down my guard like I'm alone
But I'm not alone I know I'm not forsaken
I remember what he said you're not the first to be hated
They hated Him first so my aim in this verse
Is to say when it's worse that the pain can be worth it
The same when He came and instead of praised instead He was murdered
But three days from the grave He was raised; resurfaced
His name gave me purpose
I don't know everything but that I'll always claim to be certain
From now until the day when the stage's curtains
close and they lay me in my grave in dirt and
The Lord takes my soul
Lord make me whole
I can't be saved alone
No, Lord make me whole.


Verse 2:

We were born in a crisis
But built special for the storms

We've been torn by our vices
Spiritual battle, you been forewarned

And they don't like us
Because we've been transformed

So they try their best to entice us
And leave the hearts of man torn

If you feeling the rhythm
We ain't tryna start a schism

Stay true to the vision
Where HipHop meets religion

Believe me when I say this
And I say it with conviction

Ima be about The Mission
Tryna live my life a Christian

The world be like, Don't be judging me
Temptations there and it nudging me

Yet I share my faith and they lunge at me
Got a joyful smile yet they begrudging me

Best to live the walk, 'cause talk is cheap
I've got prayers in stock that our flock stay meek

There's a whole lot wolves who stalk our sheep
And others in the world tryna mock our speak

They stick a knife to my heart and probe it deep
Tryna bring up wounds and watch us bleed

We'll survive that part and go and teach
All nations planting Faith with Seedz

So burn this into your memories
The Church has been around for Centuries

So I'll admonish the sinner, and love my enemies
At the beatific sight; I'm in reverie


Verse 3: (MikeC of Seedz of Faith)

Yo, they may try to stop me – but homie they ain’t got me
And I ain’t ever stopping – until the day I drop see
Cuz God is all I need – He’s like the air I breathe
Without Him in my life – my soul will soon decease
So now I must increase the seeds of faith to bring peace
By living the way, the truth and the life the way it was meant to be
Yeah you’ll face opposition – even from family
But hold on your position and shake the dust from your feet
Yeah I got that Holy Fire, the desire begins to burn that sin
And the more I get higher, the more I get wiser – Satan tries to bring an end
So listen up my friend – rewind so you can hear it again
These words I’m spittin’, yeah – are uncut diamonds
The line is thin that I’m walking on but the Word of God, it makes me strong
And I’m a keep going on even after this song
And it won’t be long ‘til I won’t belong
In a world not filled with rights but wrongs
So even though they mock me, I ain’t stopping,
Cuz I know the Lord, yeah Lord – I know you got me! Yeah!
Track Name: Take It Over feat. John Levi
Verse 1:

Little bit stellar but bounces like jello
The sound is a melodic bound to get well again

Fountains will swell again mountains get felled gain
Thousands of friends will get found all together again

Partying all up in cardigans like mr. Rogers we providing audiences with
honest opinions and fathoms of wisdom To all who are listening follow the risen

We rocking the system with plausible missions
and possibly lots will lost in the rhythm

We're properly visioned hip hop is a wish that
Granted we planned it to stop all the twisted

I have it it's mad and it's hot like a biscuit
Im janitor manager all those positions

Panicking static y'all are just sitting
instead of standing and dancing and all of those symptoms

Of a full on rap dance spasm attack
It's cool don't matter if it's slow or it's fast

It's a new dope method of expressing the plan
Get your tools don't mess around don't build on the sand

So now we building it man you know it'll never get old
in ten thousand years it'll still be set in the stone

I'm like Sylvester Stallone working out like Rocky
Starting from the bottom turning out on the top see?


Hip hop music, we came to steal the show
The kids rock to it, it's never getting old
Play it ten times to prove it, we came to take it over, take to take it oh-came to take it over

Verse 2:

Ain't never been subliminal
I speak what's on my mind

See me rolling: smooth criminal
I've dared to cross the line

Welcome to club satirical
Did you dare to catch that rhyme

No need to get grim and all
Just listen up and you'll be fine

I'm speaking to you through the digital
Leaking through 'cause we're versatile

Don't get nervous my verse is full
Inspiration is every persons tool

Experience is every lessons rule
It even works vice versa too

The world's not the best of schools
But I thank God that he's merciful

Battle lines are drawn
And it's time to get involved

Especially if you're living just to have problems gettin' solved
Rattle minds far gone with our music Watch their minds evolve

Drop the beat, bring the heat,
Watch it burn like molotov

Cowabunga, we rock shells.

We rock well
Keep it classic like Mr. Norman Rockwell

See for yourselves our music's assortment talks tales

We fit with steez, cause lame emcees are storming out fails


Verse 3: John Levi
Track Name: Get Up
Verse 1:

Don't move this is just a stick up

these lids are getting flipped up my spits get on the rhythm

and kids don't even listen but still keep on pretending
The hits are all the business

So I just thought that I'd let you know

That I'm on a roll these time bombs gonna blow

Never fight what you don't know any night I'll take the show

My rhymes are not alone they're tied to highs and lows

Basses and trebles you know they're staying the rebels

breaking the metal at the rate we push the pedal

All gas no stopping just ask you got it

Go ahead and mock it all the trash we stomp it

So clap your hands you mosh pit understand the clock ticks

Over hats and hot kits
So we blast like rockets

Take it to the air, along with bass and kicks and snares

And basics get us where the haters stop and stare

In case you're not prepared, I'll make you all aware
And when these headphones burn out, man, I'll take another pair

save the game cuz I care beat the race against the hare
No matter what the turn out we'll always make the roof tear

Get up, let's go, get up, get on the floor

Verse 2:

Wind blow like a hurricane
Simple like a hurried game

Quick tow to memory lane
Stick glow like every vein

Sick show if it's all the same
Thick flow, if you call the name

Fickle, and I know their shame
Tickled, but their style's lame

I stepped into this club a pro
They still think this child's play

I kept my own status quo
They just blink and file away

They tried on their baddest show
We sit and think as smiles fade

Tension rise, it's glad to know
We got them to hide behind charades

Welcome to the masquerade
Let's make this a fast parade

We do control the power gate
Sit back sipping lemonade

Them cats could use some power-aid
We hot like a powder keg

Explode in a shroud of flames
Our hearts exposed I'm proud to say

Our music goes All Terrain
Keep sharp like a batarang

Sit back, cause we're all the rage
Leave mainstream scatter brained

We're thunderclap before the rain
Where lightning tears apart the same

Their blunders snap like shattered reins
And lose control like carts of train

We'll take the game, no alibis
We're sunlight in darkened skies

When the hammer and the anvil strikes
Be sure that them sparks'll fly

We're tired of apparent lies
The game has now paralyzed

No fear here come the Uncut Ice
Crossing over all the battle lines


Verse 2:
Track Name: The Waves
Verse 1:

The clouds are darkening around me, choking out the blue sky
Thunder and lightning this frightening image strikes my two eyes

I thought i was fine, yet I feel I'm being tested
maybe my body was awake but my soul is sleeping resting

Wake up! And now i thought Id never say this
But maybe I'm not as strong as I thought I'm feeling shaken

Suddenly I see a face in the distance over the misty water
I wave my hands and shout he reaches out for me to follow

Is that you, Lord? He says Have the faith to come to me
I want to trust in him but I'm so afraid of stumbling

His eyes pierce mine, but my mind is struggling
One foot in the boat, other foot over the sea

Suddenly I breathe in it's just me and him
The storm doesn't affect me anymore there's this peace within

Without realizing it, I'm now standing on the water
But my faith starts to falter, I'm falling Lord falling


But the waves and the water, Lord, they take me asunder
I look up to see your face but see the rain and the thunder
My lungs are drowning in the ocean, mouth opens up to shout
I reach out from the waters, pleace Lord lift me out!

Verse 2:

My life's a living whirlpool
And my mind spinnin' in circles

As I try to jump the hurdles
To get past the hurt and struggles

The Lord called out to me
He told me what I outta be

I turned away and gave my apology
Delved deep, and saw it was a part of me

Gave me His Word, said; Follow Me
To die to self upon a tree

They'd target us as enemies
And write us up with felonies

But blessed are they who have not seen
They continue the race, they still believe

Passing on apostolic prodigy
The Gospel Word acknowledging

So strengthen my faith from a mustard seed
Prepare me to receive these trusted keys

Temptations rise; a tumultuous sea
Complications are high like a full blown siege

I may walk on ice, but it break like glass
I gave up thrice, but my Faith outlasts

A step off the boat, waves came up fast
Start to lose hope, as I raise up my hands

The waters raging harder and my heart is feeling farther

The clouds are seeming darker I'm departing from the father

Lift my head up from the tumults
As my body's getting pummeled

Looking forward sight encumbered hearing thunder going under



The waves can take me, so please, Lord, save me....